Our objective is to help business clients limit liability and cost related to workplace and employment issues.
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Our objective is to help business clients limit liability and costs related to workplace and employment issues. We understand that such issues can be detrimental to business growth; thus, we provide effective and strategic employment law advice to allow our clients’ business operations to continue smoothly while we develop an effective strategy to limit liability and cost.
Being unfamiliar with workplace rights and obligations, or failing to draft appropriate policies and contracts can cost businesses hundreds of thousands.
Implementing proactive and preventative strategies can help employers avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars when it comes time to either let go of an employee, respond to a workplace complaint, or when they find themselves caught up in litigation.
Whether it’s drafting effective employment contacts and workplace policies, responding to workplace complaints and issues, our preventative and client-centered approach is designed to avoid costly litigation and other workplace issues which are inevitable for businesses with employees.
We provide service in all employment law and workplace-related matters, including:
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Yusuf is a client-centred employment and human rights attorney who particularly enjoys working with clients to help resolve challenging disputes.